Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The Hooplah Troupe prides itself in taking a stance in social justice, this being said the Hooplah Troupe wants to highlight where hula hoop dance and other props originated from. Hula hoop dancing originated from Native American story telling, Poi, another flow arts prop, originated from the Māori population. The Hooplah Troupe highlights how this may be considered cultural appropriation, the Hooplah Troupe wants to state they are working their hardest to make this information available to all who may not know the originations. The Hooplah Troupe further wants to state that these flow props are not their culture to own, however would love to connect with those that are apart of these cultures to learn more.

The Hooplah Troupe further wants to highlight the culture of performance arts and how those in performance arts are usually white, petite, women and cis gender. The Hooplah Troupe wants to acknowledge their awareness of how this troupe aims to lessen this gap but also how their troupe is mostly white, cis, petite and women. The Hooplah Troupe want's to ensure they are working to fix this gap in their organization.

Lastly, the Hooplah Troupe wants to acknowledge the active steps they will be taking to combat these issues 3/16/2022:

  • Creating an environment and culture where BIPOC and AAPI feel included, comfortable and supported

  • Connecting with Native American hula hoopers and Māori poi spinners to gain insight and skill share when possible

  • Partaking in anti-racist education

  • Being apart of American Circus Educators, as well as, taking workshops around making Hooplah Troupe's diversity, equity and inclusion the best it can be

  • Staying educated on how best to work with people from different backgrounds then their own

  • Staying culturally humble and aiming to learn more about people from different and even the same backgrounds as those in the troupe

  • Providing education about the origination of flow arts

  • Partaking in volunteer events to be the best advocates we can be for the community and outside of the community

Questions? Please reach kiendra@hooplahtroupe.com