The Hooplah Troupe was founded in the summer of 2021 by Kiendra Simpson and Paige Pensgen. The hoop troupe is based in the stolen land of the Seneca Nation, apart of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Rochester, NY). This started based out of Aerial Arts of Rochester with the duo building the Aerial Arts of Rochester hula hoop and flow arts programing. The founders are still affiliated with Aerial Arts of Rochester as are most of the troupe. The troupe was made out of a love of dance, movement, flow arts and.. ice cream. The troupe members pride themselves in always learning and expanding their knowledge whether that be through learning more flow arts props or anything else. The troupe wants to expand their audience to a wider range and are very excited to work with you for your event!

The troupe wants to give a special thanks to Aerial Arts of Rochester for letting them use their space as well as providing them with performance opportunities.

Aerial Arts of Rochester website: https://www.aerialartsrochester.com/